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We are the Ditidaht People...

And we have occupied the land around Nitinaht Lake since time immemorial. We speak the Ditidaht language, and our stories tell us how we came to be here. Learn More About our Nation...

Treaty Negotiations   

The Ditidaht Nation’s traditional territory stretches from Cowichan Lake, through Nitinat Lake, and to the coast between Bonilla Point and Pachena Point.Ditidaht is in Stage 4 Agreement in Principle negotiations. About Our Negotiations...

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Random Photography

The first group shot is: Al Knighton (standing left); Webster Thompson (deceased. standing right); (from left to right kneeling) Joe Johnson, John Johnson, and Carl Edgar Sr. (all deceased). Little girl holding dog is: Barbara Tate on boardwalk in Clo-oose. Woman cutting fish is: Dorothy Shepherd (nee Peter) on beach at Malachan, Nitinaht Lake, BC